Accelerating Results in the Age of Disruption


See opportunities to accelerate results in the Age of Disruption.

Accelerate results through Reinvention

Discontinuous change is disrupting the status quo on a daily basis. What judo moves will help you and your organization use significant change to your advantage? SweetmanCragun Group offers a tested suite of insights, models, tools, and frameworks for reinvention. Why? Because reinvention, and the ability to quickly and proactively pivot when global shockwaves appear, is irrefutably one of the most important leadership competencies to have today.


SweetmanCragun Group’s co-founders, Shane Cragun and Kate Sweetman, are equipped with a combined fifty years of experience in accelerating performance across industries globally. With the publication of their new book Reinvention: Accelerating Results in the Age of Disruption (July 26, 2016), Shane and Kate share key reinvention insights backed by process-based methods that are universally applicable to significant change challenges. These approaches empower people to create positive, radical change when global forces demand it. 

Get Started with REINVENTION

Get started on your road to change mastery and accelerated results by downloading the Introduction Chapter from our book Reinvention: Accelerating Results in the Age of Disruption.


The Parable of Mohit

Learn Reinvention principles by following Mohit as he reinvents his family-owned shoe shop in Mumbai and proactively confronts two disruptive, global shockwaves.



The SweetmanCragun Group is the world’s foremost provider of leadership development solutions perfectly tailored to maximize performance in today’s Age of Disruption.

Who We Are

No one understands the Age of Disruption like we do. We are committed to cracking the code of consistently achieving remarkable results in today’s gig economy. We are passionate about arming leaders around the world with the capability to lead others in exceptional ways.


We are a professional services firm that offers world-class training, consulting, and coaching products ands services designed to the industry and culture of the organization we engage with. We have regional offices throughout the world staffed with experienced resources that deliver our content.


Everything we offer is driven by cutting-edge research in the areas of leadership, change, and innovation. We facilitate global, virtual think tanks. We publish the Global Disruption Report. We author books and articles in top publications. And we have partnerships with academic institutions (Harvard, MIT) and other respected firms (Financial Times) to improve our reach.


One Book. Two Powerful Workshops.

Leading in the Age of Disruption

It all started with our internationally best-selling book REINVENTION. Now we've used its core DNA to create two powerful workshops to put what you've learned into action.