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"This is one of those rare business books that is both conceptual and pragmatic about fostering change. Leaders who recognize that their organizations' very survival depends on their ability to adapt and radically remake their business model will find much of value in Reinvention." – Forward Reviews

"This book could easily change the direction of your life or business!" – Tacoma Washington Daily Index

"Everyone will benefit from reading and considering even a small portion of this book." – ASQ (American Society for Quality)

Business: Entrepreneurship and Small business (Main Prize) – Best Book Award 2016

"I was impressed with how much actionable information it had. My biggest takeaway of the book was how important dissatisfaction was in any change initiative.  Measuring dissatisfaction and environmental scans have already found a place in my process.  There appears to be a trend with the acceleration of technology outpacing the ability for social systems evolve.  I think books like Reinvention can help bridge the gap for companies dissatisfied with the status quo" – Alex Ruiz

41 Books to Motivate You to Become Your Best Self – Success Magazine

"I wanted to let you both know what a great book Reinvention is for both individuals and businesses. The message is perfect for today! I so enjoyed reading it that I have done a book review on my blog. Have recommended it to many! Look forward to your next book!" – Alda Stephens

Best Business Books, Ever – Enterprise Ireland

71 of 2016's Best Books to Make You Successful (Reinvention is #52) – Success Magazine

Runner Up: Business Management – Best Book Award 2016

2017 Top Must Read books for Real Estate Agents – Agents Boost

"Leaders who recognize that their organizations’ very survival depends on their ability to adapt and radically remake their business model will find much of value in Reinvention." – Foreward Reviews

"If you want to get a good handle on where we’re headed and how to adapt, it’s a must read." – Ms. Career Girl

"Reinvention uses compelling and eclectic stories and cases from around the globe over the past 100 years to reinforce key learnings: from polar explorations, village microcredit innovations, defiance in the war on terror, all the way to global politics and big business."  – IT Key Media

Thank you for your highly fulfilling feedback and heart-warming words! It was a great pleasure for me, Fadi, Tania, and George to meet you and get to spend some memorable time together!

From our part as well, we can't thank you enough for your charming presence and impactful intervention that were of definite added value to the summit!

You positivity, openness and embracing attitude were exemplary to us, other speakers and the attending audience.

We wish you an ever growing success in your journey and look forward to future equally successful collaboration opportunities.


"Your stories, insights, and models help to frame much-needed conversations to move to new and different paradigms and action - for leaders AND for HR. That really resonated with the members. The room was a buzz after the session, I think they wanted more."


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